Our History

To understand where we are today, we must go back to the beginning and discuss how we came to be.

In 1980 the monarchs of Seattle decided to re-establish a Barony in the city of Everett. The area included was all of Snohomish County and Hat Island. Baron I Papa Don and Baroness I The Lady Antonia were invested to serve under the colors of black, burgundy and silver.

In 1985, the Barony was elevated to the Sno-Kindgom of Everett, and a year later again elevated to the Dominion of Everett.

In 1987, the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Empire of Snow and Ice was formed, still under the watch of the Court of Seattle for a probationary period.

And finally during Reign 3, with Emperor Pat and Empress Elaina St. James elected, the court of Seattle decided to lift the probation, giving the Empire of Snow and Ice the right to fully govern itself, and it did so for another 15 years.

During Reign 18, the court decided to take a break and sit down to restructure to better serve the community.
This brings us to present day, after restructuring The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Empire of Snow and Ice renamed itself and became: The Imperial Sovereign Court of Snohomish County Empire of Dreams.
The name was chosen to spread a message of hope, the court was back and going to be better than ever.
The court started meeting on a regular basis and began holding benefits for various charities.
In 2007, the 25th Gay Everett Pageant took place and in April of 2008 it was time to announce candidates for the position of Emperor and Empress.

The first coronation for the Empire of Dreams was held during May of 2008 at the Lynnwood Convention Center where Snow Emperor 18 Nancy stepped down and the newly elected Emperor Gregory Lucian and Empress Starla D’ville were crowned.

The court of Snohomish County is excited to be back on the circuit and looking forward to raising money for important causes in the future.