The Empire of Dreams has the ongoing mission of conducting fundraising to benefit 501(c)3 organizations within its boundary of Snohomish County. Some of these organizations include Cocoon House, G.L.O.B.E., The Healing Spirit Boutique at the Providence Regional Cancer Partnership, and the Washington Gender Alliance as well as our own Dave Woods Scholarship.

Click here for information on scheduled fundraisers.

The ISCSCED also conducts the following annual pageantry events:

Coronation is a celebration of the current Emperor and/or Empress and their one-year reign, also called a “Step Down”. This event will include the monarchs’ theme, many “command performances” by entertainers they’ve met in their travels, awards presentations, anniversary performances of past monarchs, and of course crowning the new Emperor and/or Empress!

Imperial Prince and Princess Ball & Investitures:
The “IPP Ball” is the Step Down for the current Imperial Prince and/or Princess. This event is similar to Coronation, albeit at a slightly toned down atmosphere. Of course it does end with crowning the new IPP(s)!

Mr., Miss, and Ms. Gay Everett Pageant:
The Gay Everett Pageant is a celebration of the City of Everett’s representatives for the GLBTQAII community, which does include “Straight Allies”! Whether held in a local bar or an event space, this is one pageant where all attendees get to vote for the new titleholders. You don’t want to miss your chance to be involved!

Hearts Pageant:
The Hearts Pageant is the Step Down for the reigning King and/or Queen of Hearts. Typically held in a local bar, this is another pageant where all attendees get to vote for the new titleholders. This is a fabulous way to celebrate the season of love that is February!

Closet Ball:
The Closet Ball is an annual event that gives anyone the chance to be “turned into” the opposite gender by a sponsoring member of the ISCSCED and compete for the title of Closet Ball King or Closet Ball Queen. The only restriction is that you have not previously performed as a Drag Queen or Drag King, other than perhaps at a Turnabout fundraiser, as a lip syncing performance is part of the competition. This is a one-night-only title that has no requirements, although we would totally love for you to become involved with our organization and return next year as a mini Step Down. This is usually held in a bar and it is an awesome reason to just let loose and have fun!